Native support for Apple’s new M1 processor

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Re: Native support for Apple’s new M1 processor

by visionik » Tue Feb 16, 2021 7:44 pm

arnljot -

Since you voice your unhappiness multiple places, I am responding in each location.

I'm sincerely sorry we've let you down on Sighthound Video update schedules.

Please email me at so we can refund anything you've paid us.

Sighthound Video has been[1] a labor of love. It brings in less than 5% of the revenue of our company today. There has never been a nefarious scheme to get people to renew - it's just not worth the money to be underhanded here. For many years now we've spent more developing it than it generated in revenue. That's now changing as we bring Sighthound Video into the same development process as our other products. I was also very open about this transition in strategy in my previous messages.

We have been very pleasantly surprised by the loyalty of the Sighthound Video community. We know it is missing features and progress has been slower than everyone wants. We know some users are disappointed - we are also disappointed! We've been very open about that.

Sighthound Video is used by individuals and families, by small companies, and even large ones in small settings. It's used at home by executives of multi-billion dollar companies. I use it personally; so do many of our employees. That's why we've kept investing in it every year.

We have also been very clear for years that this forum is not an ideal setting for modern interaction. We have a ticket system and now we have live chat customer support. Customers get support very quickly on both systems. The timeliness of responses here is exactly why we are shutting down the forum. Again, we've been open that this was coming for a long time now.

So far as your comment "RUN" ... Again sorry you feel that way. As I said contact us for a refund, and may I suggest SecuritySpy? It's what I used before buying Vitamin-D (as in a license) and then Vitamin-D (as in the whole company) and making it Sighthound.

Just FYI, this applicable video does have a well-known Sighthound in it though.

[1]I say has been because - as I've said in other posts - big changes are coming. Changes which are very, very good for Sighthound Video. I don't expect you to do anything about that, or take my word for it - but it's still true.

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Re: Native support for Apple’s new M1 processor

by arnljot » Wed Feb 17, 2021 6:20 am

Thank you for replying.
My goal was not to get a refund.
My goal was to get a clear answer, or as clear as possible, on what we can expect from Sighthound video in the future. I find it sad that it took this kind of post to get a reply.

Will you post a timeline for Sighthound releases and development and stick to it?

The yearly fee; you might consider a policy-change on this until you start to deliver as promised.

As for the meme: That was funny

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Re: Native support for Apple’s new M1 processor

by visionik » Wed Feb 17, 2021 11:56 pm

Hi arnljot -

You're welcome.

I understand you don't want a refund, but if you change your mind please do let me know.

What can you expect from Sighthound Video in the future:

1. Sighthound Video will move from being built with old code to being built with Sighthound CORE, which is the name of the newer code we use for all of our other applications.

2. By doing so, we no longer need a separate development team, budget, and redundant development.

3. This also allows us to update much more often.

4. It also lets us bring a new user experience: full operations via a great web interface and vastly improved iOS (and eventually Android) apps.

5. For example this screenshot is from a new, real, running, application:


As to your comment that you found it sad it took this kind of post - you received a response because I was coming here to review the forums one last time before we switch to Discord, to make sure any remaining questions were answered. I assure you I would have answered your questions even with a less-pointy-stick aimed at us. I hope you will consider joining us in the Discord if you have not already.

Will we post a timeline? Yes... the first part of the timeline is that it's going to be a month or two for the new product strategy to be announced, and then probably a moth or two after that to publish a full timeline.

Will we stick to it? I want to be clear that it is not that we ignored the commitments we made, they just took much longer than we had planned. For example in the last year we did not plan on COVID or the big problems caused by Big Sur. Even with craziness like this, we will be updating Sighthound Video much more often - in part because of the move to Sighthound CORE.

The yearly fee: We have already decided that we're going to do something to (try to) make up for the slow release over the last year. We want to announce that with the new product strategy.

As for the meme: It was in my head as soon as you posted RUN :-)




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