is Sighthound Video still under development?

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Re: is Sighthound Video still under development?

by Sevilsivle » Tue Apr 09, 2019 2:26 pm

Hi Jonathan,

this is very exciting news, even if it does come too? late for me.
I let my subscription expire as I was not sure if there was ever going to be an update after such a long period of apparent inactivity. Why pay for a years worth of updates when no updates appear for a year? I now have a second system (Unifi) running in parallel, but would love to keep Sighthound as my my main surveillance system.
I have the following to offer regarding future development of the software.
- Languages: Are there plans to internationalize Sighthound? I live in Germany and while many people are comfortable with english-only software I am sure the ability to localize the software would open up a larger market here and elsewhere. I wrote to Ryan back in the days of VitaminD offering to help with translation if needed.
- Licensing: Another contentious issue since the days of VitaminD. I like many use Sighthound privately. I have gotten by with 2 cameras until now, but I now have a property with the need for at least 3 if not 4 cameras. Please, please, please come up with a more flexible licensing model than the current 2 or infinite camera options.
- "Smart Home": I have used the "take actions" option to run scripts, send mails etc. but it never felt like real integration. There is so much more scope for expanding the possibilities to integrate with "smart home" systems.
- Advertising: I can't say do more, as I have never seen Sighthound mentioned on any of the tech websites or in social media.
Use the upcoming Version 6 to let everybody know that you are alive and kicking and that Sighthound is by far the most advanced and feature rich surveillance software out there.

Where can I sign up for the beta? :-)



visionik wrote:Hi - I've written a new blog post with a bunch of information about Sighthound Video 6:

Highlights... Sighthound Video 6 will:

- Enter open BETA this month (April 2019).
- Be free if in 2018/2019 you paid for a) Sighthound Video or b) support and upgrades.
- Detect generic moving objects, people, animals, and vehicles.
- Benefit from your help to improve "night vision".
- Have way more support than prior releases.

I apologize for the lack of upgrades and support over the past year. I'm an avid Sighthound Video user and I care about this product. The product will continue to improve - today we have a plans for a three-year roadmap, taking us to Sighthound Video 10.


-Jonathan Taylor
-CEO, SIghthound
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Re: is Sighthound Video still under development?

by kgonzalez » Tue Apr 09, 2019 5:20 pm

Hello everyone,

The Sighthound team is very thrilled about the excitement everyone is expressing about Sighthound Video. We enjoy seeing all of the support and can't wait for everyone to experience Sighthound Video 6.0. We also appreciate all of the requests that users are making about the features that you would like to see implemented in future releases of Sighthound Video. Having feedback and features from users that will improve Sighthound Video are always welcome. I will pass your requests/feedback to our dev/engineering team.

@Steve - The next release of Sighthound Video is primarily focused on more detection types and implementing the new backend ( platform).

@Sevilsivle - These are some great ideas, but our dev team will have to review these requests. We look forward to supplying computer vision technology to users from all different backgrounds. If you'd like to sign up for beta, send an email with your Sighthound Video account email, and they'll register you.


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