Best CPU with lowest TDP for 3+ 1MP-Cameras?

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Re: Best CPU with lowest TDP for 3+ 1MP-Cameras?

by visionik » Fri Oct 17, 2014 3:07 pm

I always use this site:

While they don't specifically have things sorted by TDP, it does tell you what the best performance for the price is.

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Re: Best CPU with lowest TDP for 3+ 1MP-Cameras?

by sasch08 » Mon Nov 17, 2014 12:49 pm


i live in Germany, right now sadly you have to pay a lot for energy here.
So i did a lot of research to find a setup with lowest TDP for Sighthound.

Due to a i have a lot of to do with VMware at work was first thinking to use Intel NUC with ESXi. For sure also good without ESXi.
Advantage of ESXi would be to consolidate all my physical running pcs for homeautomation to one single physical PC.
Just google for:VMware Homeserver – ESXi on 4th Gen Intel NUC4h

Suggest to use 4th gen NUC because only that edition has 2.5 Zoll Drive Option.

After studing prices of Intel NUC it was clear that i have to find different solution :lol: so i end UP at AMD.

Mainboard that i used: ASRock FM2A78M-ITX+

CPU has 45 Watt TDP.
Dualcore (4 Threads) appear as Quadcore incl. GPU

I have 3x HD Outdoor and 1x SD Cam Indoor running.
2x HUACAM 725V POE (great Camera) and 1x Foscam FI9853 POE (good but Image Quality is not good as on HUACAM)
1x Foscam Foscam FI8918W Indoor

Planing to extend system with 2x HD Camera.

Right now everything is fine.
Round about 45% CPU LOAD all 4 Cams active looking for Persons.
System consuming about 30-40 Watt.

I planed to use CPU AMD 6700T. But got cheap used 6500T so startet with that setup.

You can find information about CPU here: ... reviewed/5
It is not good as i3/i5 but good as well and a cheap plan B ;-)

If you have some more questions or experience with Intel NUC let me know.

Im happy to help.
Thanks for that great software ;-)


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