Panasonic WV-SF33x, Speco O2D3, Geovision FD-120D

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Panasonic WV-SF33x, Speco O2D3, Geovision FD-120D

by TurboCam » Wed Mar 27, 2013 12:05 am

I'm looking at these three cameras, and wondered if anyone has any of them (or similar models by the same manufacturers) working with VD: Panasonic WV-SF336, Speco O2D3, Geovision FD-120D (or VD-120)...

Any other comments about any of them or other suggestions?

My location needs a POE dome with decent IR support, digital in and out, and a relatively wide horizontal field (with either a varifocal lens or a fixed lens in the 3mm or shorter range).


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