How to ignore "regular" objects

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How to ignore "regular" objects

by ryan » Sun Sep 12, 2010 5:13 pm

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I have some shrubs in the area of interest that move in the wind - this is tagged as people in the search. Any way that I can ignore these objects?
Sreekanth Singaraju


There are definitely a few tricks you can do...

One thing that can help, but isn't always possible, is to move the camera. If you can avoid having the camera see the shrub, that helps. ...or, if you can just give the camera a slightly different view of the shrub, that can help too.

Without moving the camera, though, you can still use the Rule Editor to filter your results. I don't know your exact scene, but:

- If you're looking for people walking around, you can try using the "Crossing a boundary" trigger in a part of the scene that doesn't contain the shrub.

- If the shrub only creates short-lived objects, you can always search only for objects that were in the scene for 1 or 2 seconds.

- If the shrub only creates small objects, you can try searching for taller ones.

- If the moving part of the shrub is not "on the ground", you can try putting a region that defines where the ground is, then use an "On top of" style rule.

I know that none of these keep the system from calling the shrub "person" sometimes, but at least they should narrow down the search. Our recognition system is pretty good in most cases, but is certainly not perfect in all cases. Luckily, the Rule Editor can help make up for some of those cases.

Good luck!

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