Email alerts with not working

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Email alerts with not working

by ryan » Sun Sep 12, 2010 5:08 pm

The thread below was imported from our previous forum.
I have been unable to set up the email facility.
An error message indicating that my email sever does not support SMTP-AUTH.
Is this peculiar to my isp ( or is there a "workaround" please


It's possible that doesn't require any authentication at all (assuming that you're connecting from inside the talktalk network). Try leaving the username and password blank and see if things work for you.



Many thanks for your quick response.

Your suggestion worked fine, I have spent a frustrating 24hrs
with various user id's and passwords - and you solve the issue straight away - "leave blank!"

Again, many thanks, a great piece of software




Thanks for letting us know that it worked. I'll see if we can figure out some way to have the error messages be better in this case, or at least get something added to the help pages.

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