Tunable mail server timeout

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Tunable mail server timeout

by Simba » Mon Nov 26, 2012 5:28 pm

I've been running vitamin d for a few years now with a pro license-- currently on the 1.4.3 beta. For quite some while, I've had an issue with duplicate email alerts being sent. The beta seems to have cut down on this a bit, but it still occurs quite frequently. I will at times get anywhere from 2-4 emails for a single event.

I have found the cause seems to be the mail server I'm using to send messages from vitamin d takes quite a while to process incoming messages for spam, as it is typically under significant load, and at times vitamin d will time out message delivery. I believe this is the ultimate cause of the problem I'm having.

A simple solution would be to offer a tunable timeout setting in vitamin d for messages. If I could tweak this to a higher threshold, I believe I could solve the problem entirely.

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