separate zoom-function

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separate zoom-function

by fblemans » Thu Jan 27, 2011 2:30 pm

I'am using Vitamin D for a short time now and it's working momentairly with two attached webcam's. Attached are the logitech Quickcam Pro 9000 and for the time been a simple cheep webcam. I would like to mention that the remote-control software from the Pro 9000 is fully working with Vitamin D

The following functions are working:
1 Zooming in and out of the picture
2 Pan and Tilt
3 Manual and auto Focus
4 Face tracking (moving your face and the screen follows you)
5 Setting of Brightness, Contrast, manual and auto White Balance and Color
6 Automatic Bright Light setting or
Manual Low light saturation
Low Light
Video Noise
Spot metering

The only problem is, when you switch another webcam to the big monitoring screen you can still approach the Pro9000 with these functions.
Nice would be that you change the settings of only the webcam that is switched to the big monitoring screen and the other webcam's are block (stay in the same settings other than the webcam switched to the big monitoring screen) in some way. I know that in this case that I work with what you called a third party software and probably you can not block it (or something like that).

In other case, the above mentioned functions would make Vitamin D a great program.



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