Add Temporary Clip to Saved

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Add Temporary Clip to Saved

by brutus » Mon Jan 03, 2011 2:05 am

Hi Guys,

After using the software for a couple of months now, I'm still pleased by it and it fits our needs.

We've optimized a few things for ourselves, shunted my ambitious 14 day keep all video down to 5 and tweaked the zone map hundreds of times it seems.

The situation has arisen, however, where a clip has been tagged as "Temporary Video (not saved by a rule)" but I would like to tag it to save it for short term. In other words, I want to add it to our clips to be cycled out auto-magically.

I know I can export the clip, but I think a 'right click -> Keep Clip' would be awesome. I was thinking that even it could be hidden rule; you right-click and chose the option; it would just add it to a system rule that was not user adjustable. This way you could also have the "Delete clip" functionality remain in tact as well. The rule could be named "Flagged by User", as a humble suggestion.

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