Loss of camera feed warning

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Loss of camera feed warning

by rayhaynes » Sun Oct 07, 2012 8:22 pm

I would be nice if the software would send out an e-mail or other warning if there is a loss of camera feed. I have a laptop in a out of the way closet that is monitoring a halllway for motion. The only time I would like to have to check the recording is if something happened in the hallway, like something showed up missing or broken. But currently I check the laptop at least every week of just to make sure it's recording.

I would be nice if the software would warn if the camera feed was interrupted but also send periodic status e-mails, every day or week or ?. The status e-mail could have computer status like memory usage, disk space, up time, etc. Also send a list of detected motion and a snapshot from each camera so you can make sure the camera images are good, i.e., a spider as not made a home on the lens.

This are features that I have not seen on any other software I tested before deciding on Vitamin D and I think it would be a valuable and useful addition.


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