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Create an enterprise version

by ishmell » Fri Sep 07, 2012 3:37 am

I'd like to see an enterprise version with these features;

- The ability to setup a "headless" box that has lots of ram, lots of CPU, and lots of storage and all it does is run the VDV video server that sucks in footage, stores it, and does whatever processing magic VDV does to enable kick ass event searching. This box can be a windows machine if linux development isn't your style... but just make the VDV server run as a service so no user desktop environment is required. This obviously means it must be configurable by a separate user application, likely over a secure TCP connection, which could be run on the video server machine itself, or from a monitor station or admin station elsewhere.

- The ability to sift through and search video events from a remote workstation. The solution can be web based (VDV video server offers a web based approach) or it could be compiled and run on the Windows user desktop... but it has to be able to work quickly, accessing event data and streaming video from the VDV server.

These features, above all else, would be the most valuable for me as an enterprise customer. I could easily see paying the $199 pro version price for this, or possibly $499 for an enterprise version if that version also contained PTZ, audio recording, and alarm event integration capability for cameras and video servers that support dumb "alarm" inputs for PIR motion sensors and the like.

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