D-Link DCS-2121 "Could not connect"

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D-Link DCS-2121 "Could not connect"

by ryan » Sun Sep 12, 2010 5:36 pm

The thread below was imported from our previous forum.
I have a D-Line DCS-2121 which is found by Vit-D but I cannot get it to connect.

In camera setup, it's IP address appears, along with the first part of its name;
On the Enter Settings page, D-Link (other HTTP - type A) is selected automatically. It is the first thing in the list, so it may or may not be correct...
I have tried using the camera's admin account and a vanilla user account - neither is accepted, but I can use them to log in to the camera through a browser.

I have tried connecting with RSTP and HTTP.

The camera and the computer are both plugged into the same HP router.

The camera firmware version is 1.04, 3227.
Russell Day

Sorry for your difficulties. I googled the camera and the stream paths that are supposed to work are below (note that this is a *different* URL than the one you use to look at a live view of your camera in a browser):

rtsp://<ip address>:<port>/mp4
rtsp://<ip address>:<port>/jpeg

So to set it up:
- In the Settings screen , select "Other IP camera" instead of one of the D-Link options.
- Select "rtsp" instead of "http"
- Enter a port if applicable
- In the "stream path" field, enter "/mp4" or "/jpeg."
- Enter your user name and password

Unfortunately we don't have one in house so I could not verify. Please let me know if this works.

Thank you,

FYI, a customer has reported success with a DCS-2102, which I believe is a sister product (there is a single user manual for the 2102 and 2121). Settings reported were:

- rtsp
- port: 554
- stream: play2.sdp

We were not able to validate this here but it might help.

Thank you,
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