add more webhook variables

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add more webhook variables

by kappert » Thu Jun 11, 2020 8:16 am

I would like extra variables to use in the webhook
- object (what object was trigged [people, animal, vehicle])
- scene (used with "entering or leaving" if [entering, leaving])
- boundary direction (used with "crossing a boundary" to know which way they crossed [true, false] )

I've recently been playing around with SH video and integrating it to my home automation (node-red & homebridge), using SH I've been able to track myself around the house to trigger automations (I know SH isn't intended for this, but actually works quite well). It's quite a tedious process having to set up each rule to send a webhook on an event.
for example, I would have a rule that looked for "people" that are "entering scene" though a doorway and sends a JSON webhook, I also have another rule that dose the same but for "leaving scene" though a doorway. this quickly racks up a lot of rules plus I have to copy and past my webhook url and JSON for each rule.
the fix, I could make a vague rule that looked for "any object" that are "entering or leaving" through a door, on that rule trigger it would send "{ object: 'person', scene: 'entered', name: 'SvRuleName' }"

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Re: add more webhook variables

by thomasteoUTS » Tue Oct 20, 2020 7:02 pm

I'd be supportive of this request too. Currently (using boundaries) I need two individual ones in order to capture the direction the person is walking in - and using the UI to create them all can be time consuming.


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