24 hour loop recording

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24 hour loop recording

by soccertl » Tue Jun 09, 2020 10:45 am

Does this software allow for recording 24 hours a day and looping over the old data when a limit is hit? It was hard for me to tell if this feature was available. I would like to set up a DVR type of configuration on my PC for my cameras. Thanks for your time.

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Re: 24 hour loop recording

by Semper Vaporo » Wed Jun 10, 2020 7:10 am

It records continuously until the limit you set is reached, then it deletes the oldest video, replacing it with new. It also has a database that records the time of detected motion so you can review just those clips, later.

There are actually 3 levels of recorded video. All of it is raw data for as much as can be stored. The video is broken into segments so that little is lost if there is some sort of drastic failure (power loss, etc.), but is treated as one long file. In the database are entries of what time, which camera (if more than one) and which of the files the motion was detected. There are also "rules" that you can create for marking the raw video for a more permanent retention.

At any time, you can select the "Search" mode (recording video and processing rules does not stop when you are in search mode). In Search mode you can view all the videos from all of the cameras where motion was detected. You can also select a single camera to view, or select to see just clips marked from a single rule. If you select just one camera or just one rule, you can also view the raw video between the clips by starting in one of the clips and clicking the Play button when the end of the clip is reached... it just starts in the raw video clips and keeps playing the video back to you.

At some point, the storage limit is reached. Then the raw video files are chopped up into just the rule based clips and the rest of the storage space is released to use again. After some time, the time limit is reached and the rule based saved clips have to be deleted to make more room. You get to set the time limit for how long to keep those clips (you can't keep all video forever, there just isn't enough storage to do that!).

The first thing you lose is access to the raw video between marked clips. Then you lose the clips that were marked because motion was detected, but none of it fit a rule. Then you lose the rule based clips. But depending on how much space you have allocated to video storage, what resolution the video is, and how many cameras you have, that can be from a couple of days to a month or more of history video you can review later.

Personally I recommend that you have a single dedicated computer just for running Sighthound and the whole disk is dedicated to video storage, especially if you have 3 or more HD cameras. I have 9 cameras now (it is like eating potato chips, one is never enough!). The cameras range from cheap USB WebCams to moderately expensive IP cams. I also found some 5 meter USB extension cables that can be daisy-chained 5 times so the WebCams can be 60 or 70 feet away. I hardwired all the IP cams to a dedicated router (video is a bandwidth hog and can mess up WiFi usage for other users!). A couple of the WebCams are so poor in low light that I have them set to only operate during daylight hours (why record raw video of total darkness?). I allocated 800-GB of a 1-TB SSD to video storage and set the time limit to 336 hours (2 weeks). Raw video gets deleted after about 4 days due to storage limits.

It is sometimes shocking to see on video what goes on when I am not looking out the window myself!
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Re: 24 hour loop recording

by Taggart » Tue Jul 28, 2020 3:20 am

The video will be recorded to the limit you set, and then the oldest will be deleted to record a new

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