Add some IFTTT limited logic

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Add some IFTTT limited logic

by JakeJ » Sun May 31, 2020 10:11 pm

I installed some smart switches for exterior lights and have started using the IFTTT trigger on Sighthound camera rules. The problem is that the IFTTT routines available from manufacturers tend to be ultra-simple - such as "Turn switch on" and "Turn switch off" only.

There are third-party sites that allow writing logic blocks, but it would be a lot more straightforward if Sighthound would add some simple logic to the IFTTT trigger:

--One helpful condition would be a check if daytime or nighttime before sending a trigger, i.e. allow trigger only during night or day.
--Another might be to send a trigger when the rule is satisfied and another separate trigger when the rule becomes unsatisfied. (Do something during time an object/person is in sight).
--Alternately send a separate named trigger N minutes after the first trigger from the rule is sent.

Some simple logic choices like this would be easy to add and simplify tasks that IFTTT can run.


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Re: Add some IFTTT limited logic

by mr.Magoo » Wed Jun 03, 2020 10:29 am

Check out Node-Red
you can either run it on your sighthound machine or (I would recommend) using a Raspberry Pi Zero WLan ($10)

Fully customizeable through webhooks and you run it locally w/o the need for "the cloud"

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