Notifications Not working after Server Re-install

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Notifications Not working after Server Re-install

by jpwhit » Tue May 05, 2020 9:41 am

I had an issue with Sighthound Video having a memory leak when running on OS-X Mojave. I rebuilt the server using OS-X High Sierra, and the memory leak issue is resolved. However, once rebuilding the server I'm no longer getting mobile notifications. I've rebooted the server, I've reinstalled the mobile app, I've turned remote access off and back on in the preferences on the server machine. But nothing has fixed the lack of notification. I can connect to the server from the mobile app and I see video and I see clips being stored that have notification enabled, I'm just not getting the notifications.

I also have a 2nd Sighthound Video server running at another location, and notification on that server were working to my wife's phone. I signed my phone off from the first server, and signed onto the 2nd server and I'm not getting notification from that server either. And once I signed my phone into the 2nd server, now my wife's phone is not getting notification either.

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