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customize grid view

by CV SECURE » Mon Mar 02, 2020 8:34 am

customize grid view.
drag any corner of the video to scale it,
make it square / make it rectangle.
lets say i made it square 100 x 100
now have a slide to scale the video by ratio,
now i can make it 50 x 50 or 25 x 25 ect ect.
now lets say it shows 4 videos and i dont want to scale each one.
have a option to match size and space each video equally,
now i have 4 video the same size and spaced equally apart.
import image to use as a background template,
lets say i have a image of a TV now import tv.png and put your video inside the image,
now your video looks like its playing on tv.
have a option to drag your videos where you want in the grid view.
i have 4 videos and i want to take the upper left video and place on the bottom right,
just drag it there and the videos swap each other. or drag the video that display on the right and drag them to one of the video boxes inside the grid view.

the right click option you have for back and forward and zoom doesn't seam right.
i like seeing my cameras on my tv but your grid viewing makes it kind of like im stuck and locked with no options to only see what i see is what i get, really no choices for the user.
i just dont care for the look i get when seeing the cameras on my tv

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