I'm using Sighthound to trigger home automation

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I'm using Sighthound to trigger home automation

by cwizard » Tue Feb 06, 2018 10:48 am

1st project: Arm the back door camera in such a way that motion triggers an event that turns on several key lights in the home.

I used and you would probably need the same things, the Samsung Smartthings Hub, the Sighthound software, the IFTTT integration, and a little technical gumption.

The basics:

Motion detected between hours X and Y will trigger an IFTTT event that turns on a virtual switch. In Samsung Smartthings app you set up a routine that watches for that switch to turn on, and when it does it turns on a bunch of stuff to simulate that someone is at home. Another routine will check the power state of the virtual switch and after it has been on for 3 minutes, will turn it back off and all of the lights with it.

Combining ST with IFTTT is a ton of fun, you can accomplish a huge variety of tasks with it.

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Re: I'm using Sighthound to trigger home automation

by electron » Mon Aug 27, 2018 10:22 pm

I did a similar project, minus all the cloud stuff.
I use Homeseer for the home automation and in Sighthound I run a script that calls a JSON API on the Homeseer server and thereby triggers the event.

Major advantage: No cloud, doesn't require an active internet connection or external cloud services (like IFTTT) to be available when the event happens! And instant execution without any delay.

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Re: I'm using Sighthound to trigger home automation

by lindagriffithh » Wed Jul 17, 2019 4:55 am

My friend has such equipment. It is simply divine! I need it! :D

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Re: I'm using Sighthound to trigger home automation

by jmwhooper » Mon Jul 22, 2019 10:55 am

I've just ordered a Smartthings hub so looking forward to playing with it. I have used IFTTT quite a bit along with webhooks, apilio and my cameras, some of the things I'm doing are:
1. location based alerts - only alert if nobody home (covers 2 of us leaving the house via apilio conditions and webhooks)
2. created my own alerts enabled/disabled status in apilio so I can block alerts if alerts are disabled
3. play an MP3 of a dog barking if camera motion is detected
4. Enable / disable alerts via Alexa
5. Have multiple conditions to enable / disable alerts via apilio and webhooks
6. Send SMS on motion if conditions are met (time of day, out of house etc)

It's all pretty good but with the reliance on IFTTT can sometimes be slow to respond with alerts or SMS.

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