I have a Vivotek IB8381-E can't get Sighthound to see it

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I have a Vivotek IB8381-E can't get Sighthound to see it

by videofame » Wed Nov 29, 2017 10:53 am

So I followed your online help to add new camera however it didn't connect. I did use your link that says "If not, try to view your camera from your browser." And of course it immediately brought up the camera with no problems using the credentials I supplied to your camera setup panel. So we know the camera works just fine on port 80 using a standard "" link but apparently your software isn't working with that. If I select other camera under manufacture Vivotek your request for different types of info gets carried away with streams etc. which shouldn't be the case.
So please try and add the Vivotek IB8381-E to your drop down supported camera list.

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Re: I have a Vivotek IB8381-E can't get Sighthound to see it

by sv_alex » Tue Dec 05, 2017 1:15 pm

Please note, that accessing camera configuration page (e.g. camera's embedded HTTP server), is quite different from accessing cameras video stream (e.g. H.264 RTSP or MJPEG HTTP feed).

If in doubt, it's advisable to access the camera using ONVIF ( ). With almost all modern cameras supporting ONVIF -- including the Vivotek you mention -- as well as an ever growing variety of both camera vendors and models, updating the camera database is not something that is likely to happen often, if at all.

Vivotek manual also explains how to configure this camera manually, if you'd prefer to go that route: ... ual_en.pdf (see "Using RTSP Players" section for details).

Hope this helps,
- Alex

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