Remote Access - view only "hack"

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Remote Access - view only "hack"

by tbig » Wed Aug 02, 2017 4:17 pm

I wanted to allow remote access but it is more important to have it for non-admin use than it is to change settings or view clips. Right now there is only one user/login option in setup of Remote Access and it has full menus to access clips, turn on/off cameras, turn on/off rules.

So how do we bypass this until future support?
One way is to artificially hide menu items and links related to the clips or turning things on and off.
You can do this by tweaking the CSS (style sheet for how things are displayed on the site).

Note that this does not stop the functionality of these items if you know where to go, it just suppresses their visibility.

Based on the current build 5.0.1 (17108)
Make a backup of this file
"C:\Program Files\Sighthound Video\svremoteviewer\videojs\videojs.css"

Then add the following 3 lines to the file using a notepad editor
which results in hiding controls and clip playback:
a[href="#/clips"] { visibility: hidden; } /* hide the menu anchor tags for clips! */
div .rule { visibility: hidden; } /* hide the rule areas under live feeds */
div .on-off { visibility: hidden; } /* hide the ability to turn stuff off/on */

Hopefully this helps someone else out.

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