Number Plate Detection or check rule against script

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Number Plate Detection or check rule against script

by An0nz » Sun Jan 01, 2017 7:44 am

I am about to start trailing sighthound and have been researching the various features and as far as I can tell there is no way to do number plate detection.
I use Homeseer for my home automation system and there is a plugin for sighthound so I can trigger events easily enough from the rules in sighthound.

A number plate detection rule where I could specify number plates to look for such as my car, the girlfriends car or both in the garage / arriving home then perform an action or set the house mode to home if the alarm is also unset etc.

An alternative more flexible option would be to make a script rule which executes a script that returns true or false to your rules engine, even if you made it so that there had to be a primary rule triggered first so that every single frame isn't being put through a slow script.

Such as if vehicle detected check script rule returns true, the script would then analyse the frame for whatever it is looking for which in my case would be a specific number plate.

It would be nicer and could be used for many more things than just number plates.
Yes the scripts would be slow compared to compiled code but would allow for a large amount of extensibility with custom rule extensions.

Only other way I can think of doing this right now would be to create a vehicle detection rule that then took a snapshot which was analysed by a script action and then discarded but it would be a bit messy.

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