Remote Access Preference Pane not showing up on Mac

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Remote Access Preference Pane not showing up on Mac

by hootjr29 » Fri Aug 19, 2016 11:18 am

I recently discovered Sighthound, registered to download it, and installed it on my workstation to quickly check it out. I looked at, and enabled, the remote access portion while reviewing the app. Then, I decided (before trying out the remote access) to install the software on my macmini instead. Upon launching the app on the mac mini, I attempted to enable remote access and don't see the preference pane.


Could this be a problem with my account registering another computer into Sighthound's website somehow? If so, is there a way for us to reclaim that so I can, instead, make the mac mini the owner of the ability to connect into remotely instead?
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