TP-Link NC250

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TP-Link NC250

by bo_got » Thu Aug 04, 2016 2:19 pm

I have managed to get it to work after some trials.
This put me on the trail:
Sound URL - http://admin:YWRtaW4=@MYIP:8080/stream/audio/wavpcm
Video URL - http://admin:YWRtaW4=@MYIP:8080/stream/video/mjpeg
This set up is assuming the password of admin is used. Use base64 -

Testing in the browser with <> resulted in video and audio playing!

Step 1: Add Camera and select Network (IP) Camera - Other
Step 2: Select "Use Sighthound Video to help me..."
Step 3: Select "My Camera does not appear in the list..." NOTE Even if it does appear!!!!
Step 4: Select Other IP Camera, http protocol, IP address, port 8080, stream path: stream/video/mjpeg, username, password in base64 (not text!!!, YWRtaW4= corresponds to default password=admin)

Haven't gotten audio to work though.

Good luck

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