Use Sighthound as a SmartThings motion sensor

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Use Sighthound as a SmartThings motion sensor

by luma » Sun Dec 06, 2015 11:35 pm

The new SmartThings security application is called Smart Home Monitor, which allows you to respond to events from various security-related devices in your home, including capturing streams from a limited selection of IP cameras. SHM is a little rough around the edges but it does a pretty good job for basic home security use. What I wanted was a way to integrate Sighthound into SHM so that a triggered rule in Sighthound would trigger a rule in SHM.

Smart Home Monitor only supports motion sensor or contact sensor inputs. In order to simulate the sort of event SHM is looking for, I needed a virtual motion sensor and the ability for Sighthound to activate it. I stumbled upon a SmartApp from an iSpy user called "HTTP Motion Endpoint" which did exactly what I needed and so I figured I'd share it here.

Here's a rough guide to creating a motion sensor device in SmartThings that is controlled by Sighthound.

When the rule is triggered, it will send a command to SmartThings to activate your virtual motion sensor device, then deactivate it 15 seconds later. If Sighthound gave us an action to trigger when motion has stopped, it would be easy to implement here too.

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