Snapshot of motion detection

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Re: Snapshot of motion detection

by BernieCyr » Sat Dec 28, 2019 2:41 pm

Agreed Matteo, but that gives us ?programmers? some fun to do...

I have since updated my previous solution (MS Outlook and mAttachmentSaver.bas) making it more automated now using a GOOGLE APP script instead.

Sighthound still does an event trigger to send an email (to a gmail address)

Google app script (Running from a google sheets in colud) that I have created then reads the email, extracts the attachments and saves the .jpg to google drive automatically

Google backup and sync app (if so desired) then syncs the contents of google drive (from cloud) back to the local computer.

yes a simple feature in sighthound not implemented with a complicated workaround but it is possible.

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Re: Snapshot of motion detection

by mr.Magoo » Wed Jan 08, 2020 9:36 pm

That seem like an extremely long way to go plus you're kind of screwed if your internet is down.

I have mine set up to run a webhook / request to NodeRed (on the same server as SH) which in turn makes a request back to the camera for a snapshot.

Cons - slight delay from the trigger to when the camera responds to the snapshot request.
Pros - self contained (not relying on google), customizable resolution (higher than the email pics), you can use the same pic and fwd that request to SightHounds analyze engine.

While that works, it would have been great if it was a built in feature in SH.


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