Firewall/Routing problem

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Firewall/Routing problem

by Johannes_L » Wed Aug 26, 2015 4:29 pm


This is not necessarily an issue with Sighthound. I'm using remote access to access Mac Mini, which is the server. My ISP is providing a public IP address for my DSL connection. Previously I was using Apple Airport Extreme as the router. I was able to connect within LAN to MacMini (which is in the same LAN) using the public IP address, which stays in Sighthound iPhone client log-in page. Naturally, the connection works works also outside of LAN.

Now, I was changing my LAN configuration in a way, Airport is only a bride to Zyxel USG Firewall/router. IP addresses in the LAN are the same. I'm still able to connect from WAN to MacMini using the public IP address and port forwarding rules within Zyxel. However, I'm no longer able to do it within LAN. iPhone client simply informs error -1005. Quite fast also, I'm not sure it even tries to make any connection, I'm not sure. There is nothing in Zyzel log files.

What does the -1005 error message mean? Any idea, how to try to find out where the problem is?


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