Save to a Local Folder: File Management

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Save to a Local Folder: File Management

by Max » Sat Jan 03, 2015 7:32 am


I run Sighthound with 9 IP HD Camera's on a 250Gb SSD, which makes daily reviewing of files much faster. All the rules save files to a bigger HDD for longer term (and cheaper) storage.
This hybrid storage system works well, except for managing the space:

Is it possible to make the same Storage Options (e.g. use up to 200Mb) used on the main Sighthound folder, also an option for other folders specified?

This would be very helpful, and provide high speed access (on Solid State Drive) to recent footage, as well as cost effective managed storage (on a 2tb HDD) that did not need user maintenance.

I have tried programs like Auto-Delete, but this deletes based on file age (e.g. 30days) rather than when the folder reaches is space limit, and then deleting the oldest files first.

Can you recommend other programed, or is this possible to include in Sighthound?

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Current Sighthound notes on save to a folder:
"Sighthound Video does not manage these video files in your specified folder like it does on your video storage folder. For example, oldest video files are not automatically deleted to make room for new files. Make sure to manage the storage on your specified folder."
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