Working: IPCC-9610 PTZ Camera

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Working: IPCC-9610 PTZ Camera

by jbeletti » Mon Dec 08, 2014 1:41 pm

Last week, I purchased a 1.3 MP PTZ IP camera from IP Cam Central. It's the IPCC-9610.
Product Link

Below are the steps and particulars I used to setup this camera in Sighthound with great results. And at the bottom are some setup screen images.

Setup Steps
Menu function: Tools - Add Camera
Camera type: Network (IP) camera
Manufacturer: Other
X Manually specify the IP address of a network camera
Camera type: Other IP Camera**
Protocol: rtsp
IP Address: use the IP you or DHCP assigned to camera
RTSP Port: use the RTSP port you assigned to the camera
Stream Path: 0/main or 0/sub, depending on quality of stream desired
Username: admin
Password: use the password you set for the admin account
Verify Password: use the password you set for the admin account
Scale video to: Your choice - I used "Match Source"

Setup Screens



Sighthound Pro - Licensed
Mac Mini - OS X - v 10.9.4 - 2.3 GHz Intel Core i7 - 4 GB RAM - 1 TB SATA
1 ea IPCC-9610-E 1.3 MP IP PTZ - 1 ea IPCC-9605-E 1 MP IP Bullet - 1 ea IPCC-7206-E 1 MP IP Bullet - 4 ea IPCC-7207-E 1 MP IP Domes

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