Camera picture Glitches

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Re: Camera picture Glitches

by ryan » Fri May 08, 2015 6:22 pm

Hi Max&Leo,

It's not too small of an issue to fix, though it is one which affects a very small percentage of potential cameras and requires a very large work investment to approach, so it had not been something we were able to push to the top of the queue. Compounding this further is the fact there isn't a single issue here, but rather moreso almost a separate issue per model.

We have just spent the past four months gutting and rebuilding our video and network transport code to support changes/fixes/alternate implementations which will hopefully fix most or all of the various issues reported in this thread.

When we have something stable and sharable we will try to contact individuals who have reported problems here for early evaluation if they are interested.

- ryan
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Re: Camera picture Glitches

by CrazyFin » Mon May 18, 2015 7:33 am

Alright, since these issues has not been resolved for over a year now and my license is due for renewal I have to say that I will not renew my license this time.

I have decided to switch over to another surveilance software which is a little bit of shame since I have liked Sighthound quite much.

I have during the time since my last post in this thread (Apr 13th) tested a lot of different configs and I currently have a DECATED PC with an I7-3770K processor, 16GB ram and with a PCIE-memory disk where I store all temp clips until they are moved to a more solid storage.
So this PC is running NO antivirus software and other utilities which means that this PC is a VERY powerful surveillance server.
I have also made sure that all my 4 cameras as well as the server are connected to same Gigabit switch and if I understand correctly this means that all the traffic from the cameras will not even go through my router since all of the units are connected to the same switch.
When I look in the webgui of the switch I see a VERY low bandwidth utilization (like 5-15%) and the CPU for the switch is hovering around 10-35%.
I still see the video tearing when using UDP and if I switch to forced TCP the video gets quite jumpy/stuttering.

This is so strange since in the same network I am able to stream higher bitrate video streams (like blue-ray movies) from my TV-server to my XBMC clients without any kind of stuttering/glitch/tearing at all.

The software I am currently testing has no video tearing at all so I will try that until Sighthound declares that their video tearing problems when using UDP has been fixed (I very happy to be a beta tester).

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Re: Camera picture Glitches

by Devin » Mon May 18, 2015 6:42 pm

Hi CrazyFin,

Just to clarify - your license will never expire and is valid for life. It sounds like your support and upgrade subscription is about to expire which is entirely optional and not required to run Sighthound Video. Without the subscription you will still have access to the support forums and continue to receive all updates for Sighthound Video 2.X but when the next major version (3.X) comes out you will need to renew your subscription to receive the major upgrade.

For more information on the subscription please see this article: ... scriptions

As Ryan mentioned, we have been hard at work rebuilding our video and network transport code to support changes/fixes/alternate implementations which will hopefully fix most or all of the various issues reported in this thread and we hope to have a developer build out in the near future for people to test.



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Re: Camera picture Glitches

by jeremyclark » Sun Sep 13, 2015 1:01 pm

I wanted to follow up on this thread as I had previously posted about experiencing these streaks in the video which triggered false positives. In the end, it seems for me it was related to the machine I was running Sighthound on, and its lack of CPU power or memory. I previously had it running on an old MacBook Pro that I had laying around (about 6 years old now), and that was all that was running on the machine but apparently it didn't have enough power. I recently purchased a new MacMini and at least with Sighthound being the only main app running, I have not *once* had these frames appear for me.

Another factor for me is likely that I have Sighthound monitoring 5-6 H264 720p feeds, which is a lot for it to handle at once, so those who only monitor a single or a couple feeds may have better luck than I was having.

The app is amazing, Ryan. I continue to be impressed and happy with my purchase.


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