mac firewall settings (ML, mavericks)

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mac firewall settings (ML, mavericks)

by hujbera » Thu Apr 10, 2014 11:34 am


I don't find a method, or i not find a long time enough. :)

i install the software to OSX Maverikcs. And my firewall is on (i think this is the normal), but the remote app or remote http access not work. if off the firewall, everything working, but i would like to use the firewall. the firewall settings add the 3 sighthound components enable the incoming connections, but not work. :(

Anybody any idea, how can i configure? :)

thank you.

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Re: mac firewall settings (ML, mavericks)

by ryan » Thu Apr 10, 2014 12:47 pm

Hi hujbera,

We've spent a lot of time examining the built in OSX firewall. Unfortunately there seem to be a fair number of bugs (we've seen these with other applications as well). To name a few:

1) It isn't always allowing incoming traffic to signed applications when that option is selected. (Sighthound Video is signed with an apple issued certificate, this can be verified through the codesign application: "codesign -vvv /Applications/Sighthound\" without quotes in Terminal).

2) Manually adding applications in the UI sometimes works and sometimes does not.

3) Manually adding applications using the command line interface will typically work, but will also typically not persist after a reboot despite continuing to be listed.

4) When the "allow incoming traffic" option is off, or on and still blocking, sometimes the firewall will display the "Allow or Deny" message box, and sometimes it will not (and sometimes it will auto dismiss, or flash, etc...). This behavior seems to vary between seemingly identical machines.

We believe we have a good workaround for this which will appear in the next version of Sighthound Video. In the meantime you have a few options -

* Turn off the apple firewall. If you are behind a router, your router is likely blocking all incoming traffic that hasn't been explicitly allowed anyway, so the apple firewall isn't doing you any good.

* Turn off the apple firewall, and replace it with a different one. The firewall exposed by the system preferences is an "application level firewall" rather than the more traditional port based firewall. This would be great for less techie users, assuming it didn't have the above bugs. OSX does include a different firewall, pfctl, which allows for systemwide creation of port and content based filtering. If you are ever interested in trying that, a helpful GUI can be found here:

Hope that helps,
- ryan
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Re: mac firewall settings (ML, mavericks)

by aelver » Thu Apr 10, 2014 5:36 pm

Thanks ryan, really looking forward to the update!

OSX firewall has been causing me headaches too. Worked for a while, now doesn't. It is annoying you cannot add a simple port, but must add an application/s.

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Re: mac firewall settings (ML, mavericks)

by hujbera » Fri Apr 11, 2014 4:39 am

Hi Ryan!

Many thanks the answer. yes, i think, i will try the ice floor, because its a server, but yes, behind the router, but this is challenge. ;)

i will write, what can i do.

thanks again the very fast answer.

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