Move temp storage?

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Move temp storage?

by ryan » Sun Sep 12, 2010 5:17 pm

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I'm curious if there is a way to have vitamin D write out it's temporary storage to somewhere else.

Basically, we have an 8-core Nehalem Xserve (16-logical cores) that is watching 7 cameras (all Panasonics). And, the CPU usage isn't bad, but the disk i/o for the temporary video storage is really making things sluggish on the machine.

So, I wanted to move the temp storage onto the 3rd HD in this Xserve, but my initial attempt at just moving the whole Vitamin D folder from ~/Library/Application Support/ to the other HD and then creating an alias. This didn't work, as Vitamin D balked and said "Already exists".

Any thoughts?
R. Stasel

Hi R. Stasel,

There currently isn't a supported way to do this within the app, however, after playing around for a moment it seems it can be done.

I performed the following to relocate the videos folder to my desktop. The videos folder contains the databases and temporary storage, though you could probably move the entire Vitamin D Video folder if you wanted.

First turn off all cameras in the monitor view and quit Vitamin D Video, making sure all processes are terminated.

In terminal:
cd ~/Library/Application Support/Vitamin D Video
mv videos ~/Desktop/
ln -s ~/Desktop/videos videos

Launch the app, everything should be happy. Turn your cameras back on.

Obviously in the above you replace ~/Desktop/ with a location on your 3rd hard drive. Also note that you MUST use ln -s, you cannot use the 'Make alias' option in finder.

Alternate options from brainstorming (that we didn't try) include mounting a drive as ~/Library/Application Support/Vitamin D Video, and moving your entire home directory to another drive. I'd recommend sticking with the above though, as it's easy and verified!

Hope this solves your problems, let us know if there is anything else we can help with.

Vitamin D

Ah, so a symlink will work.

Sweet... I'll give this a shot.

R. Stasel

This seems to have worked, thanks!
R. Stasel
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