Handy Audio Recording Software To Run Alongside VDV.

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Handy Audio Recording Software To Run Alongside VDV.

by Joe » Tue Oct 16, 2012 12:46 am

Found a neat little audio recording program which can help you capture the audio along with your Vitamin D Video setup.

The software is called LOOPRECORDER and it allows you to record a continuous loop of audio which can be pretty much as long as you want depending on your available disk space. You pick how long you want the audio loop to be and then just let it run.

When you want to listen to something that was recorded within the selected loop time, you can easily scroll back along the timeline to that point and hear it. The program has a nice graphic display of the audio timeline so you can quickly see any audio events at a glance, and the program is generally pretty easy to use. Your loop even keeps on recording normally while you are listening to the recorded stuff, so you don't even have to stop and start the program each time you want to check something.

I set mine to record a continuous 24 hour loop of audio from the microphone input of my security cam, and this only ever uses about 8 Gigs of disk space. I just leave it run continuously and it runs just fine alonside VDV on my Pentium 4 (2.8GHz with 2 Gigs Ram and 160GB HD).

Now if I see something interesting on my VDV security setup from anytime in the past 24 hours, I can now also go back and check the audio feed from that time using LOOPRECORDER. Then I have both the video and audio from the event which I can export if I want.

The LOOPRECORDER program can be dowloaded at the following link:

The STANDARD version has a free 30 day trial which is what I use and it works just fine.

Just thought someone else might be interested in this since I love VDV but still wish it also recorded audio too.

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