Quitting on Mac still leaves it on right?

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Quitting on Mac still leaves it on right?

by ryan » Sun Sep 12, 2010 5:33 pm

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Am I correct here?:

If I set up a rule for VitaminD to record later and have the camera button green, then click the red X in the corner, and the icon leaves the dock, the program is still active and will restart and the pre-determined time?

Just closing the program doesn't really stop it unless you deactivate the camera. Correct?

iMac/built in iSight/10.6.3



You got it. As long as the camera button is green, the processing will continue to happen even if you quit the actual application. If you want to verify, you can run "Activity Monitor" from Applications/Utilities and you should see a handful of "Vitamin D Agent" processes running. Note: if you reboot your computer, you will have to re-run the application to start things back up.

We know it's a little confusing and have plans to eventually put something in the menu bar to show you that VDV is still running.



Thank you for the response. I have been using the application for the last week to keep an eye on my apartment and it is absolutely great.

The option to have an icon in the upper menu bar would be great.

Thanks again.
Ian O.
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