ALPR - Processing 30+ min behind

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ALPR - Processing 30+ min behind

by justdave2 » Fri Sep 18, 2020 5:46 pm

During the daytime on a residential street with very little traffic, Sighthound ALPR falls behind.
On my Single LPR camera source: "Processing ..... 35 min behind"

I have seen other people with this issue.
Some folks claim CPU might be busy, virtualization, etc.

Well in my case this is Windows 10, on bare metal (no virtualization)
This is a modern very powerful server (DELL T440).
The processes are on SSD Disks
This is a 40 Core, Dual Intel Xeon Gold 5215 processors with 100GB of RAM
Nearly no other work.
There is NO reason to see this delay.

Maybe it's a Sighthound cloud component?

In comparison, ALPR is missing some plates the others are catching from the same stream. If I need to tweak a setting, fine. But this is not working for me.

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