Reolink -good and bad + question on iOS VPN

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Reolink -good and bad + question on iOS VPN

by OCB » Tue Aug 18, 2020 5:40 pm

I was hesitating about going for a Hikvision Colorvu 4mp to cover the back of my property - where I want to keep an eye on the chickens/guinea-pigs + general oversight over the rear approach to the house.

I opted instead to go for Reolink 511w (5mp, 4x optical + PoE), RCL 410 5mp bullet cam + 3x Argus Pro - knowing that the Argus don't stream; but did look pretty cool battery/solar powered cameras with internal SD card that I could maybe get FTP set up on.The good news is the build quality and overall look/feel of Reolink products is better than I expected!

Alas - the the Argus have arrived (very nice cameras, extremely easy to set up, iOS app is good etc) - I only now see their Cloud service isn't offered in Europe :evil: - thanks to GDPR they say. So much for my hybrid/overlapping "cloud + SH" solution.

So - I guess I'm going to have to rely mainly on VPN to my SH machine, with the hit/miss option of the SH iOS app. Any suggestions for a good VPN that works from an iPad?

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