im putting sitehound video down the Drain

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im putting sitehound video down the Drain

by CV SECURE » Sun Mar 22, 2020 1:47 am

10M 7MM Android PC HD Endoscope Waterproof Snake Borescope USB Inspection Camera
price on ebay US $2.49
borescope is a tiny camera they put down the sink drain to find problems.
well im not really going to put it down the drain but for a camera under $3 bucks
they make great peep hole cameras no one can see it,even if they seen it i dont think they would know what it is,
it does work with site hound video as a USB Camera, i only got 1 and im not sure how many you can hook up at once, im guessing i would need some kind of usb hub, 8 camera on the hub and 1 usb going to pc.
the cord wire is really long so you can put it al most any wheres,
you will need to mark the camera it self letting you know where the top and bottom is at to postion it.
maybe use a small red marker and put a dot on the camera.
i lost the camera software im not sure if the camera light will come on,
maybe use it as a day time camera

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