Opinions on PC's for use with Sighthound

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Opinions on PC's for use with Sighthound

by Landofmichael » Sat Mar 21, 2020 3:34 pm

I'm wondering what PC's everyone is using with SV. I use Lenovo M93P's from a couple of generations back. They have an Intel i5 4670 CPU and run Sighthound with (4x) 3MP cameras at less than 23% CPU usage. they are perfect for SV. They have high end networking, run win 10, have vPro for remote management and are very small (15" x 13" x 4") The whole system uses less power than a 90 watt bulb. You can buy them new on Amazon or Ebay for $250 or manufacturer refurbished for around $125 I use the ones with the i5 4670 NOT THE ONE CALLED THE "M93P TINY" WITH THE 4670T processor (it's slower and I haven't tested it), although that one may work and is even smaller and lower powered (If anyone has any experience with the M93P TINY or the 4670T CPU I'd love to hear ABOUT it).

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