Poor video quality via remote access

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Re: Poor video quality via remote access

by JanMostert » Sun Oct 14, 2018 6:02 am

Thanks for the explanation. Now I understand how it works. Here are the answers to your questions:

1. What is the original (on camera) resolution of the camera you are trying to view?
The camera offers a maximum resolution of 720p

2. What kind of camera is it?
It is a cheap Chinese camera :oops: of the brand Digoo, type DG-WO2f ( ... &ID=521800)

3. Are you using h.264 or mjpeg to get video from the camera to Sighthound?
Don't know the answer to this question, I'm afraid. I configured it as an onvif camera, connected via rtsp protocol. The configured stream path is rtsp://

4. Are you using Wifi or a LAN connection?
The camera is connected via Wifi; the desktop computer is wired via 1 Gb.

5. If Wifi, do you know what your WiFi connection speed is ?
Can't really tell. With my iPhone at the same locations the camera, the speed is around 15 Mb/sec.

One remark: as I wrote earlier, I see differences in quality on my desktop computer. The quality via remote access (so via HTTP) is poor in comparison with the quality of the video in de Sighthound desktop app. With your explanation I now understand why this could happen.

Funny thing is that I can also connect with the camera via an iOS app from Digoo. I suspect that I connect via a website in China, with HTTP. The quality of this video is very good, so it is possible to see live video via HTTP.

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