iOS remote access difficulty

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iOS remote access difficulty

by mmerritt » Thu Mar 16, 2017 8:14 pm

I have SH Pro working fine on my home network with 5 Trendnet cameras. I am unable to get remote access working from my iPhone 6...either by wifi or cellular data. I have followed the remote access instructions, enabled remote access from the Option screen in SH and can connect to my cameras from a PC hardwired to the same network as the cameras. On the Option screen that shows local, internal, external IP address I get the first two but external is permanently stuck on "trying to connect". When I try to sign in from the SH iOS app I quickly get a timeout message. I am guessing that my router is blocking me somehow.

The router is an Actiontec T1200H. Alternate theories on why my remote does not work appreciated or if I'm on the right track some advice on how to properly and safely configure the router. I have PnP enabled and NAT.
Thanks a lot'

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