Problems unable to solve

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Problems unable to solve

by Champenois » Sat Mar 26, 2016 4:17 am

I've had a fair read of this forum and played around with sighthound settings for several weeks, but have a couple of seemingly insurmountable problems with the software.
I'm hopeful someone can help me.

1/ I can't work out why a person can be picked up by a rule, then the clip ends and their progress through the coverage area is captured by a "temporary video - not saved by a rule". The 2nd clip is just as valuable as the first and it shouldn't be a temporary. I can't also figure why the person's walk got divided into these 2 clips, apart from them stopping momentarily (around 2 secs). See next point.
2/ In keeping with item 1, if I send my wife out as a test into the camera's view, although she remains in full view, there might be 5 or 6 clips generated before she leaves the area. Again, only pointer is she stops in one place for a short period (1 - 5 secs). So it looks like even a halt to movement of about a second ends the clip; how can this stop period be lengthened?
3/ If it rains, there are about 20 clips a minute generated, such that I had to limit the emails to stop my email account getting blocked. In just a couple of hours the other night, 1400 clips and emails were generated!
4/ I have a couple of very small periphery exclusion areas to stop the hundreds of clips generated by the neighbour's washing and a reflection and this works well, but the exclusion fixes are negated by temporary clips picking up all the movement I've excluded and so returning me hundreds of clips in a short period anyway!

I was immediately impressed by the superiority of the sighthound recognition abilities over competitors I'd tried, but now I'm finding that superiority greatly affected by the drawbacks above.

Help in dealing with these problems would be greatly appreciated!, tks, John

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