Please add Dahua cameras

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Please add Dahua cameras

by Pando » Thu Mar 17, 2016 12:55 pm

Dahua ( is a major Chinese OEM manufacturer of cameras. While they sell mostly rebranded products through resellers, their own branded products are also available (do a search in Amazon for "Dahua"). I'm surprised it's not on the list.

The stream URL functionality is the same as EYESurv (as EYESurv is a rebranded Dahua actually). You can easily make a camera definition as "Dahua Generic" that would work with the following URL:


Cameras have only one channel, but other devices (NVRs) have multiple channels. The subtype defines the stream: 0=main stream (high quality), 1=sub stream (lower quality). It would be great to select the channel and stream from the interface.

Thank you.

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