Mobile device ALARM trigger.

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Mobile device ALARM trigger.

by mirrors » Mon Jul 07, 2014 4:39 am

Often times when I go to sleep I turn off the sound on my devices because I get scheduled emails during the night. If someone were to break into my office while I'm asleep, the Sighthound app notification wouldn't alert me. When I'm not in my room, there are absolutely no false alarms, so a loud and clear alarm to send me over with a baseball bat would be nice.

It'd be great if you could set a rule that triggered an alarm on your device that rings regardless of device volume. I know this is possible because MightyText (chrome app) has a great feature to "ring your phone" and just like I said, it acts as an alarm that was set on your phone with a text blurb and alarm that go off regardless of your device volume.

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